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2009 NFL Player Roster

Announcer: “Interception by Sapp!”

Me: “Ooooo, as in Warren Sapp?” (hoping to sound like I know what I am talking about)

Husband: “Um, no. As in Benny Sapp. Warren Sapp was like 5 years ago.”

Ray Rice, Sidney Rice, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Danieal Manning, Nick Harris, Ryan Harris, Jarred Allan, Jake Allen, Russell Allen…there are just too many of the same names in the NFL. It makes it hard for a girl to follow.

We need more creative names, like Naufahu  Tahi, Knowshon Moreno, Chad Ochocinco, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Lofa Tatupu, Darcel McBath, King Dunlap, Wesley Woodyard and Ashton Youboty.

Here is a word cloud of the most common names in the 2009 NFL roster, no wonder its so confusing!

Wordle: 2009 NFL Player Roster

Why does life move so fast?

2009 seems to have flown by. Rightly so since so much happened in the last 12 months. I was hoping that time would start to slow down, but it seems like each week goes by more quickly than the last.

Yesterday I ran across a post by Jennifer Hohn which points out that as a kid, time moved slowly because you were taking in all the amazing details. Time seems to speed up because as we grow up we start to overlook all those details.

Perhaps there is also a mathematical reason that time seems to move more quickly as each day goes by. As you get older, the day to lifetime ratio decreases, so each day feels shorter in comparison to all the days that have already passed.

For example:
When you are 5 years old, 1 year is approximately 20% of your life.
When you are 25 years old, 1 year is approximately 4% of your life.
When you are 50 years old, 1 year is approximately 2% of your life.

When you are 5 years old, 1 week is approximately 0.3846% of your life.
When you are 25 years old, 1 week is approximately 0.0769% of your life.
When you are 50 years old, 1 week is approximately 0.03847% of your life.

When you are 5 years old, 1 day is approximately 0.05479% of your life.
When you are 25 years old, 1 day is approximately 0.01095% of your life.
When you are 50 years old, 1 day is approximately 0.00547% of your life.

Whenever Friday rolls around and I wonder what happened to Monday through Thursday, I can’t help but think if there is a way to slow time down. Mathematically, it doesn’t look like there is much hope. Maybe the best idea is to take Jennifer Hohn’s advice and train ourselves to be truly present in the moment.

Like the Plastic Bag Scene from American Beauty

I absolutely love this video by Rob Chiu. Scenes of nothing have never been so beautiful. The desaturated colors mixed with the high contrast and vignette induce a crazy contradictory feeling, kind of a creepy calmness you can get lost in.

Here is another captivating video from Rob: Webby’s Gala Opening Sequence 2008.

Calvin and Hobbes Snowmen

I’ve always been a Calvin and Hobbes fan. The snowmen themed comics are perfect for this time of year. Here are some favorites:

A few interesting facts: the pair are named after John Calvin, a 16th-century French Reformation theologian, and Thomas Hobbes, a 17th-century English political philosopher (from Wikipedia); there are 17 Calvin and Hobbes books (from Wikipedia); Calvin is shown writting with both hands (from this site).

All strips on this page are courtesy of Bill Watterson and were found on, Calvin and Hobbes Snow Art Gallery, and Ecollo.

12 Christmas Songs You’ve (Probably) Never Heard

I love finding new music, but can’t stand most holiday tunes. Here are my favorite 12 Christmas Songs that are not cheesy. Chances are, you’ve never heard a few on this list. These are just my personal opinion, let me know if you have any to add to the list. (Click the image below to open the player in a new window.)

12. “Just Like Christmas” Low

11. “Christmas” Leona Naess

10. “PeaceNorah Jones

9. “Sweet Secret Peace” Neil Finn

8. “Maybe This Christmas” Ron Sexsmith

7. “Christmas All Over Again” Tom Petty

6. “ChristmastimeSmashing Pumpkins

5. “River” Sarah McLachlan

4. “The Christmas Song” The Raveonettes

3. “Christmas Song” Dave Matthews Band

2. “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” Death Cab for Cutie

1. “Last Christmas” Jimmy Eat World

Loving This New Google Ad

This promo for Google Chrome is so endearing! The harp music makes the video seem dream-like. I love the unconventional methods of showing Chrome’s features. It makes Google Chrome more personal and sucks you in from the beginning.